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Welcome on the website of RDT Groupe
The use of this website and all the information published, implies the knowledge and acceptation of the present terms of use and the privacy policy. Users denying the acceptance of theses conditions can not access the website or use the information and services.Therefore, we advise you to print and keep a copy of this page.
The RDT Groupe has the right to modify, add or suppress, in whole or in part, these Conditions without previous notice. Modifications shall take effects after their online publication.
Users have to periodically consult the present conditions and acknowledge that the use of the website, after modification, implies the complete acceptance.


The brand « Groupe RDT », the logo and all the distinctive signs of the company have been registered and are the exclusive property of the RDT Groupe. Any non-authorized use is strictly forbidden. The entire content of the website, including programs, binary code, structure, text, documentation, images and photos are the property of the RDT Groupe and are protected by copyright.
The intranet is dedicated to our “professional and future customers”.
The RDT Groupe give the user the access to the services offered after acceptance of the present conditions.
The access to the extranet is only allowed for customers with a “customer account”. An identification is required to use the resources, tools and services offered on the extranet.
Every user has a personal identification number and a confidential password. Their use cannot be given to any other company or to a private individual for any reason whatsoever. The user is responsible for their preservation and must undertake not to disclose it or try to use someone else’s account.
Also, the user has to immediately warn the RDT Groupe in case of any violation of its personal account.
RDT Groupe makes all efforts to keep this site accessible, although it has no obligation to achieve this. There may be interruptions because of maintenance or update, or for any other reasons and the Groupe can not be held responsible of the possible consequences of this interruption for the users or any other tierce person.
RDT Groupe will try, as far as possible, to inform the users of the occurrence of such events.
This website shall only be used in a commercial and informative goal.
All the site content is provided for information purposes only, and doesn’t have a contract value.
RDT Groupe shall not be held responsible in case of:
  • Errors or omission on the website.
  • Issues and/or malfunctions resulting from computers, online systems, servers or internet providers.
RDT Groupe reserves the right at any time to change, temporarily suspend or terminate the service in whole or in part without informing you in advance.
The user accepts to use the website in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. He accepts to not send, join, or transmit in any way on or through the website, any content :
  • Illegal, abusive, defamatory, harassing, grossly offensive, or malicious.
  • That could prejudice intellectual property rights, confidentiality, or any other property rights belonging to others.
  • Virus, Trojan Horse, etc.
The user agrees to release from any liability the RDT Groupe, its agents or employees, for third-party damages caused by the incorrect use of the website.
Groupe RDT makes available online contact and request forms, similar to an electronic mailing, to users of its website.
Groupe RDT cannot guarantee that the electronic mailing system will be free of interruption, delay, error or insecurity incident.
Groupe RDT commits to respect the legal rules of personal data protection. It guarantees to the user :
To use the personal data only for the purpose they have been collected for (customer account opening, commercial information mailings, etc.)
The right to access and modify its personal data at any time by:
Writing to
Groupe RDT – Service Communication
10 avenue de la Bauxite
Or sending an email to : infos@groupe-rdt.com
The illegality or invalidity of any clause, paragraph or condition, will not affect or invalidate the rest of the chart.
By agreeing to the user chart of our website, you also agree to our general terms and conditions of sales without any restriction.