Serenity in case of damages

Groupe RDT offers insurances for sea, air and land freight, covering the goods entrusted to the agreed final destination. These insurances “AD VALOREM” guarantee a compensation based on the value of the commercial invoices.

Nous proposons des assurances pour le transport maritime, aérien et routier.

For your shipments, different options are available:

  • comprehensive insurance (the risks of war, strikes, riots, mass movements and assimilated risks) for new equipment shipped by air or sea;
  • Insurance “Free of particular average except…” for second-hand equipment. It only covers loss or damage caused by one of the events listed in the insurance policy (for example : ship sinking, aircraft crash, loss of a container at sea, etc.);
  • For road transport, there is the insurance “characterized accident”.

In any case, insurances can only be taken out with the explicit request of the customer before shipment.

In case of damage

If you had subscribed an insurance through RDT Groupe, you will receive the assistance of our legal department which will take care of all the procedure and formalities for you.

Whether you have or not subscribed an insurance through our services, we will point out the necessary steps to follow up in case of damage.


If you have not taken out an insurance with our company,

It will be your responsibility to appoint a certified expert and to obtain the compensation from the responsible party of the damage (for example : the airline or the shipping company). Any direct claim to the carrier or any branches of the Groupe RDT will be denied if the claim does not come from an insurer “Ad valorem”.